A slightly less borked version of Mastodon... https://comm.network
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10 months ago
# Mastodon
10 months ago
This is a customized version of Mastodon.
10 months ago
Your eyes will melt if you decide to deploy this. You have been warned.
5 months ago
## Why would you use this?
I hope you won't. It's a way better idea to search for stuff you like and transfer it to your own version of the source.
Here's a list of nice stuff in this version:
- No dependency to elasticsearch
- Status full text search is done using postgres and always active
- Custom night/space theme
5 months ago
- Custom UI tweaks
- Controllable per user using an additional settings page ("Preferences > Tweaks")
- Misclick protection
- Hides the action buttons until they are hovered
- Original idea by flussence
- Rounded profile pictures
- Show your preferred theme to visitors
- Only works on your public profile and status pages
- Overrides the default instance theme with the one you use
5 months ago
- Lower notification sound volume
- Change notification sound
5 months ago
- About page patched out
- /about/more is still accessible
- Support for Markdown posts