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Bump version to 3.5.1 (#18000)

Eugen Rochko 1 month ago
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@ -3,6 +3,49 @@ Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [3.5.1] - 2022-04-08
### Added
- Add pagination for trending statuses in web UI ([Gargron](
### Changed
- Change e-mail notifications to only be sent when recipient is offline ([Gargron](
- Send e-mails for mentions and follows by default again
- But only when recipient does not have push notifications through an app
- Change `website` attribute to be nullable on `Application` entity in REST API ([rinsuki](
### Removed
- Remove sign-in token authentication, instead send e-mail about new sign-in ([Gargron](
- You no longer need to enter a security code sent through e-mail
- Instead you get an e-mail about a new sign-in from an unfamiliar IP address
### Fixed
- Fix error resposes for `from` search prefix ([single-right-quote](
- Fix dangling language-specific trends ([Gargron](
- Fix extremely rare race condition when deleting a status or account ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix trends returning less results per page when filtered in REST API ([Gargron](
- Fix pagination header on empty trends responses in REST API ([Gargron](
- Fix cookies secure flag being set when served over Tor ([Gargron](
- Fix migration error handling ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix error when re-running some migrations if they get interrupted at the wrong moment ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix potentially missing statuses when reconnecting to streaming API in web UI ([ClearlyClaire](, [ClearlyClaire](, [ClearlyClaire](
- Fix error when sending warning emails with custom text ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix unset `SMTP_RETURN_PATH` environment variable causing e-mail not to send ([Gargron](
- Fix possible duplicate statuses in timelines in some edge cases in web UI ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix spurious edits and require incoming edits to be explicitly marked as such ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix error when encountering invalid pinned statuses ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix inconsistency in error handling when removing a status ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix admin API unconditionally requiring CSRF token ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix trending tags endpoint missing `offset` param in REST API ([Gargron](
- Fix unusual number formatting in some locales ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix `S3_FORCE_SINGLE_REQUEST` environment variable not working ([HolgerHuo](
- Fix failure to build assets with OpenSSL 3 ([ClearlyClaire](
- Fix PWA manifest using outdated routes ([HolgerHuo](
- Fix error when indexing statuses into Elasticsearch ([ClearlyClaire](
## [3.5.0] - 2022-03-30
### Added


@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ module Mastodon
def patch
def flags