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Shlee 229f5d1681
NodeJS 14 support - circleci/docker/.nvmrc (#16163) 1 year ago
Kody b0acead946 Upgrade .nvmrc to Node.js 12 (#12906) 3 years ago
THE BOSS ♨ dc62195a06 Upgrade Node.js to v8.x on nvmrc (#8023) 4 years ago
Alex Dunn 8482f67caf update Node to 6.x LTS (#1228) 6 years ago
Kai Schaper 71e7537330 setup React Storybook; add example story for LoadingIndicator component 6 years ago
Kai Schaper d7c55853e9 set up Mocha/Chai/Enzyme for React component unit testing 6 years ago